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Piri Piri Peppers - Dry Whole Pods

Piri Piri Peppers - Dry Whole Pods

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Piri Piri Peppers - A little goes a long way!
These bright red chili's are nicknamed African Red Devil for their fiery heat, hitting 175,000 Scoville units. Especially popular in areas influenced by Portuguese colonialism.

The piri piri is often used in a marinade. The most popular culinary partner is chicken, but is great with beef or pork. Though, it has been suggested that daring adventurers might even like it in ice cream! Foodies all over the world are onto piri piri peppers. Some have even called its taste, โ€œlight, fresh, and herbal!โ€ If you like a hotter pepper, but prefer one that doesn't bring the phrase โ€œBlazinโ€ to mind, give piri piri a try!

Ingredients: Dry whole African Birdโ€™s Eye chili peppers


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